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Q: I have keeped the phone and PC/Mac in the SAME wifi, But why cannot connect to PC/Mac?

A: 1), Please check the mouse server is or not blocked by the firewall. 2), Check the mouse server is mistaken as a virus by anti-virus softwares. 3), Make sure your AP route is not worked as isolation mode, this mode diable two devices connect to each other.

Q: Whether wifi mouse support 3g?

A: Yes, input IP address of PC/Mac, then click "Connect".

Q: Whether supported remote voice input other languages except English?

A: Yes, we support any languages.

Q: How can i remote voice input to PC/Mac?

A: Many android input methods support Speech Recognition, like Touchpal. After you speak some words into the phone, speech recognition results presented. you can click on the results will be sent to the PC/Mac.

Q: How can i remote select a program on the top of all windows?

A: Swipe left/right on your phone's screen, the running programs will be presented. After all your fingers up, the select program will be showed on top of all windows.

Q: How can i use remote desktop

A: Please let Windows support Remote desktop: right click My Computer, and click Properties, then click Remote setting from left menu. You will see the remote options, then you enable the allow remote connection option. Or see here, video

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